The Truth about Common Auto Insurance Myths

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If you own a vehicle, high chances are you have an auto insurance policy. But how well do you know your car insurance? Myths and misunderstandings abound but fret not. We are here to help you navigate the confusion.

Before you kickstart your search for a cheap auto insurance, it is essential that you fully understand what you’re contending with in the first place.  In this blog post, we take you through the most common car insurance myths, things we heard time and again when working with different insurance companies.

New Cars are More Expensive to Insure

If you think all new care are more expensive to insure, then you might be in for a rude shock. However, it’s still a bit tricky since there are many different facets of a car’s age that impact rates.

For a start, new cars are more likely to have advanced safety features that could significantly lower the risk of an accident and reduce the likelihood of serious injury if one does occur. That has the potential to lower your auto insurance premiums.

Despite this, newer cars are also probably more expensive to replace or repair, which could increase rates compared to an older model. Moreover, newer cars tend to require comprehensive coverage and collision coverage than older cars. Of course, more coverage translates to higher premiums.

All Car Insurance Companies are the Same

Far from the truth! Whole most auto insurers offer similar coverage, other factors set them far apart. Each car insurance company has its own rating system, which means you’ll get different quotes from different insurers even for the same coverage.

Different insurance companies also have dissimilar endorsements. Some popular add-ons exist, like car rental coverage, but you may be looking for a company with more specialized options. Finally, third-party customer satisfaction scores and financial might vary widely, and these can help you discover a well-rounded view of a carrier.

To ensure you find a cheap auto insurance agency to work with, be sure to understand the myths and factors surrounding the policies and insurers.

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