Slum Princess Maleesha Kharwa on Drawing Inspiration From Priyanka Chopra

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India is a country that is known to give birth to several rags-to-riches stories. But, it is also a place that has given us some inspiring people who have proved naysayers wrong. One such person is 14-year-old Maleesha Kharwa. The slum-dweller is now the talk of the town because of her success and has millions of followers on social media. The aspiring model, aka ‘Slum Princess of India,’ is currently in the limelight for becoming the brand ambassador for Forest Essentials. In an exclusive interview with Bhavna Agarwal of India Today, the teen beauty shared her story and spoke about drawing inspiration from Priyanka Chopra.

It was a chance meeting that paved the way for Kharwa’s career as a model. According to reports, ‘Step Up 2’ actor Robert Hoffman first met her in 2020 when she was just 10. He said that she looked “like something out of a movie.” He then set up an Instagram account and a GoFundMe page for her. Since then, the slum-dweller has been inching closer to her dreams. She has already bagged two Hollywood movie offers and is now the face of a luxury Ayurveda campaign.

The slum-dweller started her modeling career with a short film, ‘ Live Your Fairytale.’ She soon gained popularity on Instagram, showcasing her acting and modeling skills. Teen Beauty has also posed for several renowned brands and has a massive following on the platform. She is also a successful content creator on YouTube. She has over 225K followers on her channel and is a master at creating vigorous shoots.

Besides modeling, the young girl is also passionate about education. She wants to study further and hopes to be a lawyer. She believes that education is the key to success and a better world.

She has also helped raise funds for a school in her neighborhood because of her strong belief in education. Currently, she is looking to establish another school in her village where girls from low-income families can study.

Teen beauty is also an active voice against child labor and supports gender equality. She believes everyone has the right to a quality education and a safe working environment. She has worked with several NGOs to promote the cause of women and children.

In a world that usually evaluates a person based on materialistic markers, this girl from Dharavi has shattered the stereotypes and emerged as an actual role model. Her recent video of visiting a store with campaign photos on display was a delight to watch. Her face lit up with pure delight, and it was evident that she was achieving her dreams. This is a lesson for us to remember that nothing is impossible in this world, and it is always important to keep dreaming.


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