Simple Energy Launches Simple ONE Electric Scooter at Rs. 1.45 Lakh

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Simple Energy, a Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup, has launched its first product, the Simple ONE electric scooter. The scooter is priced at Rs. 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru) and deliveries are expected to begin in June.

The Simple ONE is powered by a 4.8kWh battery pack that offers a claimed range of 212 km in Eco mode. The scooter is also equipped with a 72Nm motor that can accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph in 2.77 seconds.

The Simple ONE comes with a host of features, including a 7-inch touchscreen display, LED lighting, and a reverse parking assist. The scooter also has a built-in anti-theft system and a mobile app that allows users to track their scooter’s location and battery status.

Simple Energy has partnered with several banks to offer financing options for the Simple ONE. The company also plans to set up a network of charging stations across India.

The launch of the Simple ONE is a significant development in the Indian electric vehicle market. The scooter is one of the most affordable electric scooters in India and offers a range that is comparable to petrol-powered scooters. Simple Energy’s aggressive pricing strategy is likely to make the Simple ONE a popular choice among buyers in India.

Here are some of the key features of the Simple ONE:

  • 4.8kWh battery pack
  • 72Nm motor
  • 212 km range (Eco mode)
  • 0-40 kmph in 2.77 seconds
  • 7-inch touchscreen display
  • LED lighting
  • Reverse parking assist
  • Built-in anti-theft system
  • Mobile app

The Simple ONE is a promising electric scooter that offers a good combination of features, performance, and price. The scooter is likely to be a popular choice among buyers in India.


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