How to Get The Most Out of Your Sticker Marketing Campaign

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You’re finally ready to have stickers as part of your startup swag! There’s nothing wrong with that considering numerous benefits are destined to follow. For those who might not know, startup swag is the practice of creating and distributing promotional products that showcase a business’s brand.

With custom stickers, you get to share the message and promote their brand. However, you also risk struggling to keep pace with your competition when you fail to take the correct measures. That’s the last thing you want to make do with since it can lead to the downfall of your business sooner or later.

Having said that, here are some of the most remarkable tips for creating a winning sticker marketing campaign.

Define Your Target Audience

Before using custom stickers for your branding and marketing campaign, ensure you know where your target audience is. You want to increase the chances of attracting prospects for your business without going through a lot. And this is only possible if you are wise in how you choose to use the custom stickers in your branding and marketing campaign.

You may not know this, but placing stickers everywhere won’t work to your advantage since some of the passersby might not belong to your target market. With that said, research your target audience to determine what it takes to get the most from your custom stickers. The more you know about your target audience, the easier it is to create custom stickers they will love.

Choose the Right Stickers

As cliché as it sounds; we can never emphasize this tip enough in your quest to run a successful sticker marketing campaign. Remember, stickers are not one-size-fits-all, and you need to use the right one for your branding and marketing campaign to reap maximum benefits. After all, you’ll always find stickers in different shapes, sizes, and textures.

Do you want to give away custom stickers to your prospects and customers so they can stick them where they like? If so, send them via snail mail or hand them off at the POS. For those who want an efficient anti-piracy methodology to leverage,  then you can include a hologram sticker on your product packaging.

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