Elon Musk Challenges Mark Zuckerberg to a Cage Match

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Tech billionaires Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg will wrestle in the cage. The Tesla and SpaceX chief and the Facebook owner have been trading jabs over their social media platforms. It’s now all but guaranteed a matchup after Musk challenged Zuckerberg to a fight on Twitter.

A cage match between the two tech titans would be one of the biggest fights in MMA history. The squaring off of the 10th and 11th most affluent people in the world could rival Floyd Mayweather’s recent bout with Canelo Alvarez. The tech execs both have extensive combat experience and martial arts backgrounds. Zuckerberg recently competed in a jiu-jitsu tournament and won medals in several events, while Musk was a professional mixed martial artist for over a decade.

Musk is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and trains at the San Jose-based Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu Academy. He has been open about his training in the grappling discipline, revealing that he is a budding jiu-jitsu champion who regularly trains with top competitors. This week, he also participated in a light sparring session with ONE FC and BJJ World Championship competitor Mikey Musumeci and posted the footage to his Instagram page. “Great learning from the jiu-jitsu legend, Mikey Musumeci,” he wrote in the video’s caption.

It is unclear if Musk was joking when he challenged Zuckerberg to a cage match. Regardless, the Facebook CEO is ready to meet the challenge. He shared a screenshot of the tweet on his Instagram page and three words: “Send Location.”

When pressed by The Verge, a Meta spokesperson confirmed that the company’s CEO is up for a match with Musk. The company’s THREADS platform is designed to compete with Twitter, which Tesla acquired directly last October.

The billionaires have a few more details to iron out before the match, but a cage fight between the founders of two of the most popular social media networks is expected soon. Some fans have already suggested high-profile podcaster and MMA commentator Joe Rogan should referee the event.

The squaring off of the two tech moguls has drawn severe attention online, with some suggesting it might be televised. Speculation is mounting over who might win a hypothetical fight between the tech giants, with many believing that Musk’s physical size will give him a distinct advantage in terms of the physical aspect of the matchup. Regardless, it is clear that both men will prepare for the fight in the best possible way.


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